Department of Chemistry
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Department of Chemistry

Teaching and research at the Department of Chemistry focus on all the key areas of chemistry, including inorganic, organic, analytical and computational chemistry. The department carries out basic and advanced research of high-quality as well as educates skilled and sought-after chemistry experts to serve both business and society.

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Latest publications

  1. Tallo, I.; Thomberg, T.; Kurig, H.; Jänes, A.; Kontturi, Kyösti; Lust, E.
    Supercapacitors based on carbide-derived carbons synthesised using HCl and CL2 as reactants
    Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, 2013. Vol. 17, 19-28.
  2. Härk, E., Nerut, J., Vaarmets, K., Tallo, I., Kurig, H., Eskusson, J., Kontturi, K., Lust, E.
    Electrochemical impedance characteristics and electroreduction of oxygen at tungsten carbide derived micromesoporous carbon electrodes
    Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 2013. Vol. 689, 176-184.
  3. Shi, Junhui; Ikalainen, Suvi; Vaara, Juha; Romalis, Michael V.
    Observation of Optical Chemical Shift by Precision Nuclear Spin Optical Rotation Measurements and Calculations
  4. Vahakangas, Jarkko; Ikalainen, Suvi; Lantto, Perttu; Vaara, Juha
    Nuclear magnetic resonance predictions for graphenes: concentric finite models and extrapolation to large systems
    PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 2013. Vol. 15, 4634-4641.
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